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Welcome the Wondrous Atlas of Creation’s Destiny! This is a podcast and website devoted to getting the most out of the fantastic setting of the Exalted tabletop roleplaying game.

We’ll also be providing developed scenarios for each episode topic that you can use directly.

Each episode of the podcast will feature a place, person or concept from Exalted lore, and discuss what it is, how it works, and then discuss how to develop them into things to use at the table.

We hope you enjoy your time spent perusing the Wondrous Atlas!

Latest Episodes

Exalted Lore

  • Dragon-Blooded Exalted Lore

    Wondrous Atlas discusses the lore behind the Dragon-blooded, the least powerful yet most prolific, most flexible and possibly the most heroic Exalted in Creation. Along the way we realise quite how weird some of the types of Dragon-blooded have been over the years… Listen in to find out about these versatile Exalted.

  • Lunar Exalted Lore

    Raelz and Aramithius discuss the nature, origins and history of the Lunar Exalted, Chosen of the Moon. Along the way we outline a few notable Lunar characters, how Creation works and… a whole bunch of other stuff. This episode was as changeable as the Lunars themselves. You have been warned!

  • Solar Exalted Lore

    Aramithius and Raelz go over the ostensible “protagonists” of Exalted, the Solars. We discuss what you can do with them, how to use them as antagonists as well as player characters, and come to realise that pretty much every concept out there can be an Eclipse Caste.

Story Hooks Discussion

  • Dragon-Blooded Exalted Story Hooks

    Aramithius and Raelz talk over all of the stories you can tell with the Dragon-blooded, and the things to bear in mind with play. They don’t just have to be Realm quislings! Then our expanded story outlines take a somewhat dark turn as we both produce sinister mysteries for our adventure outlines, with one for … Continue reading Dragon-Blooded Exalted Story Hooks

  • Lunar Exalted Story Hooks

    Our scatterbrained hosts discuss what plots and schemes are best suited to the Lunar Exalted, with a focus on character, how to get players to like your NPCs, and why having a Lunar impersonate the Scarlet Empress is a bad idea. The episode rounds off with a discussion of some fleshed out story hooks on the situation in Medo, and a scenario to determine the fate of the Linowan and Halta around the Silver River.

  • Solar Exalted Story Hooks

    Wondrous Atlas explores the kinds of stories that are archetypally Solar, from conquering kingdoms to raiding tombs, and how best to implement them.

Latest Adventures

  • A Rumble in the….Forest

    Your group of Lunars decide the fate of tribes in a contested patch of the Silver River, between the Linowan, the Halta and the Guild.

  • Pirates of the Blackstone

    A Western Solars game of chasing down a necromantic Deathlord fleet and putting an end to their schemes.

  • Digging up Your Past

    An adventure for Solar Exalted, who get involved with artefact smuggling and inadvertently discover the tomb of their previous incarnations in the process.

The Hosts

Aramithius has been a fan of Exalted since the early 2000s, and a podcaster since 2016.

Raelz found Exalted through 4chan after the release of 3rd edition, and has sunk his teeth into the setting with fevour ever since.

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